About Us

Chick A Dee Acres Farm, Inc. (CDAF) is a farming community that provides life skills for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. This program will offer a daily multi-faceted program to include life skills, recreation and daily living skills.

Within the daily living skills program, CDAF will strive to instill healthy life style habits through exercise, education and proper nutrition. In order to best meet the needs to our clients, we will conduct a strength and weakness evaluation and observations. Results will determine goals, accommodations, modifications and levels of support to increase success, independence and to maximize life skills.

Life skills will include organic gardening, woodworking, car detailing, maple syrup collecting/processing and wreath making among others. Midday, the individuals will have the opportunity to enjoy recreational activities including but not limited to: archery, fishing, swimming, bowling, movies, snowshoeing and craft projects. Products produced on the farm will be packaged, marketed and sold through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and at community-based flea/farmers markets.

Working together within their community, CDAF clients will have natural opportunities to increase their communication and functional math and reading skills. The ultimate goal for the CDAF community is that clients have an array of opportunities that will contribute to a sense of fulfillment, joy, success and purpose.